Distributor Benefits

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From Site Hosting to Product Inventory, you can get your online business running in minutes! - It’s Ecommerce made simple!

Lucrazon Ecommerce's product partners provide inventory and shipping fulfillment for your Clients' online business. As a Distributor, they'll receive the following benefits:

A Standalone Business:

Distributors become an individual business owner and receive their own Merchant Account which provides the ability to sell more

Increase Product Sales:

Distributors will be able to move products quickly as owners of their own Webstore.

Increase Income:

Each Webstore comes with an integrated Shopping Cart, helping to increase Distributor’s revenue.

Increase Buying Power from Corporate:

Distributors will get more products from Corporate since they’ll sell more products with reliable cash flow and deposits to their own bank account.

Custom URL:

Distributors can choose their own custom URL to use, which is highly valuable for Ecommerce marketing and promotion of their own business.


Distributors looking to work-from-home will have the ability to set up their online businesses instantly with ease.

Working with Lucrazon's Drop Ship Partners

Lucrazon’s goal is to provide everything your Clients need to be in business quickly. The more money your Client makes, the more money you will make! With this in mind, we have partnered with companies that already have the inventory, ordering systems and shipping methods needed to ensure your Clients' customers get the products they need and desire.

Our Partners provide products at their lowest prices and Lucrazon passes these prices directly to your Clients, the new store owners. We don’t markup or place a margin on the products so the price set by the selected Drop Ship Partner is the price received.

Clients can concentrate on promoting their site and let the new Drop Ship Partners handle the inventory, packaging and shipping!


How does your Client make money?

The products of choice are listed with the retail price on the Drop Ship Partner site. They will be charged the wholesale price for these products if it sells and the difference is their profit! For example if the wholesale price is $5 and you mark the product for sale at $8, it will result in a $3 profit. The Client will only be charged / profit from the inventory when it sells, allowing them to become an Ecommerce owner without investing upfront costs to start.

The Process

We’ve simplified the process of starting an Ecommerce business along with providing Merchant Accounts.

STEP 1: Client Chooses a Drop Ship Partner

They'll start by choosing a Partner to work with. Many customers work with multiple partners to showcase and sell products.

STEP 2: Create a Website

By working with a Drop Ship Partner, a new site comes pre-loaded with up to 10,000+ products. This includes images, descriptions, and prices.


STEP 3: Customize Store

Customize colors, upload Logo, Contact Information and decide on Shipping Methods for the new business.

STEP 4: Promote Business

Our Partners have taken care of your Clients' Inventory and Distribution, now they can promote their business through Marketing and Social Media!


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