Corporate Benefits

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From Site Hosting to Product Inventory, you can get your online business running in minutes! - It’s Ecommerce made simple!

The Lucrazon Ecommerce System provides Corporate Benefits for Direct Sales, Network Marketers, and Drop Shippers.

A B2B Relationship Model with Distributors:

Each Distributor will receive their own individual Webstore, Shopping Cart with integrated Payment Gateway, and a Merchant Account with Virtual Terminal.

Chargeback Liability Reduced:

As every Distributor receives a standalone business with its own Merchant Account, each business owner will be personally responsible for their sales and potential chargebacks.

Increases Velocity of Product Distribution:

Since Distributors will have their own fully integrated Webstore and a Merchant Account they will be able to move products more efficiently.

Distributor Retention:

The Lucrazon Ecommerce System makes it easy to maintain and sell online, which encourages Distributors to stay with the Company resulting in strong retention rates.

Increase Online Distribution Channels:

The integrated Lucrazon Ecommerce System allows companies to help work-from-home individuals looking to start their own business.

Product Inventory Updates Across Distribution Channels:

The system will automatically update all Distributor Webstores with the proper inventory images, description, and pricing.


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