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Social Media Plug-Ins

Built-In Social Media

You can't go anywhere without hearing the word Social Media anymore. It's not a fad, and businesses will need to implement Social Media into their Marketing Strategy to compete with others. With your new Ecommerce system, your Clients can connect Social Media account profiles to their website.

Other companies will charge extra for this feature, but the Social Media Plug-Ins are already included with the Lucrazon standard package!

Feel free to have your Clients check out our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ or LinkedIn Company Page guides here.


Google Adwords

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

In order to be found, your Client's website has to rank in the search engines. This is how they'll get natural traffic based on the keywords they focus on. With our system, it's easy to control Page Titles, Meta Description and Keywords for EVERY page giving your Clients absolute control of the SEO.

They system also auto-generate Google Site Maps so the search engines can understand how to read your Clients' site structure. Every time a site updates, the Site Map will too, leaving your Client time to work on other marketing objectives like Pay-Per-Click Advertising and more!

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