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Credit card scams are occurrences that every business experiences at some time or another. A credit card scam is another name for credit card fraud, which is a dishonest activity in which a person partakes to obtain goods that do not belong to him or her. A business can cut down the occurrences of credit card scams if members keep themselves educated on the latest tactics. The following information contains examples of the latest scams in which people partake to misuse credit cards. Illeg..
You are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or seasoned veteran in the field. No matter who you are in business, your customers are now likely located around the globe. To reach them, you need to offer the most comprehensive card processing solutions available. Of course you are worried, though. Merchant account fees, credit card fraud, and currency limitations are big factors in today's global economy. Nevertheless, Lucrazon can help you to get connected by providing you with easy integrat..
  The benefits of accepting cryptocurrencies are plentiful – these electronic currencies allow you to accept payment from anyone in the world without worrying about currency exchange rates, bank delays or fraud. Unlike most other types of payments, cryptocurrencies are not subject to chargebacks, meaning the transaction is verified, irreversible and risk-free for the merchant. Dealing with cryptocurrencies However, once you build up a virtual stack of cryptocurrencies, what c..
Credit card chargebacks are a common problem for modern businesses. Chargebacks occur more than the normal 1 percent rate that Visa set as the common threshold. Additionally, about 86 percent of those chargebacks are the product of credit card fraud. Modern businesses have to take important steps to protect themselves from such occurrences because credit card chargebacks can be detrimental to their businesses in more ways than one. Merchants can end up losing their products, and they can suff..
Security Requirements For Card Processing for Every Size Business Whether you do business in a "brick and mortar" store, or exclusively online, there comes a point where it is hard to move forward without taking part in at least a little ecommerce. That means running an efficient, user-friendly website that accepts customer's credit cards for purchases, and it also means you'll need to comply with the PCI Security Council's (PCI SSC) requirements. Specific credit card brands, includi..

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