Merchants Can Now Accept Bitcoin & Eliminate Chargebacks E-commerce businesses are often faced with chargebacks, one of the most costly aspects of accepting credit cards. When a buyer notifies the credit card company that a charge should be reversed—say, because the item purchased was not received, or because it was significantly different than the description on the website, or because the buyer is malicious and intends to defraud the merchant—the business loses the r..
  Merchants flock to Bitcoin for its ease of use, built-in security and hassle-free international transactions, but this cryptocurrency is helping more than just merchants. It is also opening the door for people from all over the world to help in times of disaster. Bitcoin Donations to Nepal At the end of April 2015, a deadly earthquake hit Nepal, killing over 8,000 people and injuring and displacing hundreds of thousands. Two weeks later, another tremor hit the area killing ..
  Have you questioned whether or not it's possible to create a MLM business on the internet? After all, MLM, affiliate marketing or network marketing are all about connecting with other people and have them sign up under your MLM marketing group. In the past, this meant meetings, information seminars and getting friends and family members to join your organization. Those days are long gone. Lucrazon Global is an internet payment services provider (IPSP) that gives business owners..
  In spite of their many advantages, bitcoin wallets can be a bit troubling when tax season rolls around. Currently, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) advises taxpayers to treat cryptocurrency as property rather than cash, and that has a range of tax implications. If you are a merchant who accepts bitcoin, here's what you need to consider about taxation: Merchant Payments If you accept bitcoin for a purchase, you have to report that purchase, just as you would report a purch..
  U.S. adoption of the new EMV merchant card services system is slated for October 2015, marking a turning point in the fight against credit card scam artists. Financial institutions, credit card companies, and major retailers have worked tirelessly to bring about the change. EMV credit card compliance is the next step. How Does the New EMV System Work? The EMV merchant processor reads data stored in chips attached to upcoming EMV-compatible credit cards. These chips wil..
  MLM or multilevel marketing is an excellent way to generate income. More importantly, MLM can help you generate residual profits on the efforts of others in your marketing group. Much has been written in the past about MLM business, but the plans and programs of years past have nothing in common with the opportunities with Lucrazon. What you've heard about affiliate marketing and network marketing has been updated with the Lucrazon system. A Lucrazon global review of the produ..
You’ve created a business through network marketing which you’re passionate about. To be successful you need to tell the world about your amazing products or services. Using emails and social media is a great way to spread the word, but you want to do so carefully. The key is to market your business, not spam your audience, and it is important to understand the difference. Your brand’s reputation is at stake.   What is Spam? Spam is a sales tool that was born on the internet in t..
  Running your own business can be lucrative and rewarding.  Unlike working for an employer, you set the pace and make the decisions. If you're the owner and sole employee, you know what it's like to wear many hats. Unfortunately, wearing so many hats can take a toll on your productivity. Even updating your website and social media pages can be time consuming.  Too often, website owners find uploading content onto their sites requires a web developer. Many of them put it of..
  According to Internet Live Stats, 40 percent of the global population has access to an Internet connection. That percentage peaks at 85 to 90 percent in developed countries like United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan. It's fair to say that most of your potential customers are already online. As they access the Internet via personal computers, tablets, smart phones, and even wearable tech, it's also probably fair to assume that they are already networking onli..

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