Twitter Suspended You? Here's How to Restore Your Account

Twitter Suspended You? Here's How to Restore Your Account

Our Lucrazon Twitter account was suspended for 2.5 days. In this post, I’ll document the steps I took to get it back.

Last Tuesday night, I noticed something was funky with our @Lucrazon account when I checked it on my phone app. It had said 0 Following and 0 Followers.

Thinking it was just a blip in the app, I let it go, and decided to check it again an hour later.

It STILL said 0 on both counts.

Feeling concerned, I decided to log into the account via desktop and that’s when the notice bar on top of my page said that the account was suspended.

Here’s Twitter’s example of what it looks like since I was too concerned with appealing the suspension – 

Twitter Suspension Notice

You’ll get taken to the suspension page when you click on the link in the notice bar. Read the page carefully!

Most of the time, Twitter suspends accounts that are in violations of the Twitter Rules but they’ll also suspend for investigation if the account has been hacked or compromised. Sometimes though, it’ll be a mistake on their part.

Since I know we’re not breaking any Twitter Rules or performing any prohibitive behavior, here’s how to appeal the suspension-

1. To appeal a Twitter suspension, you’ll fill out a form that looks like this:

Twitter Appeal Form

Be sure to be courteous when filling out the description of your problem. Even if it was a mistake on Twitter’s part, your support ticket won’t go anywhere especially when it’s riddled with angry expletives or incomprehensible sentences.

2. Submit the form and wait for the reply

I submitted my appeal form at 10:09 PM PDT and got an automated reply within 24 hours.

**They will send the reply to the email your Twitter account is registered to, so be sure you check that inbox or double-check your mail forwarding settings!**

Twitter Suspension Reply 1

In the reply, it mentions that if we were suspended for aggressive following behavior, we’d get a separate email. We didn’t, and plus, we’re only following about 5-10 accounts per day.

**To be ultra-safe though, I went into our account Settings, then Apps to remove any Applications that I’m not using anymore. You’d be surprised at how many apps add up!

3. If you didn’t receive a reply, check Status of the ticket

This isn’t too clear on the website, and I only stumbled upon this by accident while searching, but you can keep track of your ticket status via their Zendesk home. If you’re already logged in, you’ll see your ticket in “Check your Existing Requests” tab.

You’ll either see a “Waiting for your reply” or “Ticket being processed” message.

If you received a “Waiting for your reply,” check your inbox immediately as they don’t copy what their response is on this page. If it says your ticket is being processed, it either means they haven’t read it yet, or are still investigating.

4. Reply back to their Response

This was my response:

Twitter Appeal Reply

5. Wait for their Reply (Again)

It took them another day to respond back to me

Twitter Final Reply

I didn’t realize that Twitter support reps had nicknames, so I was skeptical. But when I logged into my account, I did see that the suspension was lifted.

It took 2 hours for the follower and following numbers to return back to normal so there’s no need to re-follow.

It was very frustrating to wait around but at least we know that it was a mistake on their part.

If you haven’t been suspended before, take care to:

- Not follow other people aggressively (It maxes out at 2,000 per day, but just take heed in not spamming the follow button)

- Double-check what apps have access to your account and revoke unnecessary ones

- Have a strong password

Other Twitter members I’ve asked said it took 5 days to get their account back (ours took 2.5 days) so I believe the time varies depending on the severity.

Have you had your Twitter account suspended before? How long did it take to get it back?

We hope this guide was helpful! Remember to not panic and stay calm when responding back to their tickets.

Also, I've made a separate post answering some of the questions and comments I've received below in more detail here: Help! Twitter Suspended Me - Q & A Edition


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photo credit: lecates via photopin cc

268 Comments To "Twitter Suspended You? Here's How to Restore Your Account"
Purushothaman Vaikkath - 09/12/2013

My account has been suspended. Kindly revoke it. Thanks
IAMPCBOB - 09/11/2013

I got suspended yesterday: for 'misusing' the Reply and Comment buttons! I clicked the boxes saying I was sorry and it would NEVER happen again. Yesterday, I sent a short message to Congress, asking them NOT to attack Syria, sending it to about 8 names at a time. They said I was 'commenting' to persons unknown to me and that it was considered RUDE! Contacting our elected representatives is RUDE?? My followers are all back now. I can’t over-follow, since I soon get the 'no more follows allowed' message. As for misusing the @follower ability, sometimes I can't Retweet something, so I copy and paste it into a new tweet, using the original tweeters @sign; so I won’t be accused of 'stealing' their tweet. After 4 years, I am still learning how to use it! Even their explanation of what I did wrong to get suspended did not make sense to me. With a large following, MOST reply back or DM me that they agree with me. Most of the time. I guess I just have to wait and see what happens next.
raphael sanchez - 09/11/2013

how many days a Twitter Suspension?
Okwukwu Bestman Ely - 09/11/2013

They have suspended my twitter account
marc petrarca - 09/11/2013

my account was suspend for too agressly following i had my twitter supspend for the first time i cant click on anything at all just my twettes i had 80 followers and i had more then about 1,00012 followers and then it happen monday morning i got back on twitter then suspend for what i said i did not do anything at all then they suspend me so how long do i have to wait for my suspend twitter to be unspsend to have my followers back there
marc petrarca - 09/11/2013

hi i need help how long does my twitter come back to normal from suspend to unsupend back how long does that take from twitter 2-3 days or more days then that it happen yesterday monday morning i was sedning a tweeted and when i came back in my twitter was suspend
mofokeng morena Michael - 09/11/2013

Iv been suspended for no reason
Corey - 09/09/2013

Hey there, just discovered my account was suspended for a 2nd time; 1st time around, I almost freaked out, but after reading through the process, I sent a message re: my account being suspended. I received an e-mail shortly thereafter. Long story short, I had to wait 3 days, but my account was reinstated. So now that I've already experienced it once, as soon as I saw my account had been suspended AGAIN I just repeated the process from last time. I'm usually careful anyways. Hopefully it works again. At least now I know what to do, but at the same time, it's kind of annoying when your account gets suspended without knowing for sure why or even IF the suspension was warranted.
Alice Ly - Lucrazon - 09/09/2013

Hi Marc P- When you get suspended, your followers/following will be at 0. It doesn't mean they've been deleted though. When you get unsuspended, the numbers will return.
Alice Ly - Lucrazon - 09/09/2013

Hi Levipreece- They commonly don't go into specifics why. But usually it's either aggressive following (following too many people in a short amount of time), a suspicious 3rd party app, or your account got compromised. Sometimes though, they make mistakes, which is what they did for out account. I suggest following the instructions they gave to speed up the process of getting unsuspended.

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