Twitter Suspended You? Here's How to Restore Your Account

Twitter Suspended You? Here's How to Restore Your Account

Our Lucrazon Twitter account was suspended for 2.5 days. In this post, I’ll document the steps I took to get it back.

Last Tuesday night, I noticed something was funky with our @Lucrazon account when I checked it on my phone app. It had said 0 Following and 0 Followers.

Thinking it was just a blip in the app, I let it go, and decided to check it again an hour later.

It STILL said 0 on both counts.

Feeling concerned, I decided to log into the account via desktop and that’s when the notice bar on top of my page said that the account was suspended.

Here’s Twitter’s example of what it looks like since I was too concerned with appealing the suspension – 

Twitter Suspension Notice

You’ll get taken to the suspension page when you click on the link in the notice bar. Read the page carefully!

Most of the time, Twitter suspends accounts that are in violations of the Twitter Rules but they’ll also suspend for investigation if the account has been hacked or compromised. Sometimes though, it’ll be a mistake on their part.

Since I know we’re not breaking any Twitter Rules or performing any prohibitive behavior, here’s how to appeal the suspension-

1. To appeal a Twitter suspension, you’ll fill out a form that looks like this:

Twitter Appeal Form

Be sure to be courteous when filling out the description of your problem. Even if it was a mistake on Twitter’s part, your support ticket won’t go anywhere especially when it’s riddled with angry expletives or incomprehensible sentences.

2. Submit the form and wait for the reply

I submitted my appeal form at 10:09 PM PDT and got an automated reply within 24 hours.

**They will send the reply to the email your Twitter account is registered to, so be sure you check that inbox or double-check your mail forwarding settings!**

Twitter Suspension Reply 1

In the reply, it mentions that if we were suspended for aggressive following behavior, we’d get a separate email. We didn’t, and plus, we’re only following about 5-10 accounts per day.

**To be ultra-safe though, I went into our account Settings, then Apps to remove any Applications that I’m not using anymore. You’d be surprised at how many apps add up!

3. If you didn’t receive a reply, check Status of the ticket

This isn’t too clear on the website, and I only stumbled upon this by accident while searching, but you can keep track of your ticket status via their Zendesk home. If you’re already logged in, you’ll see your ticket in “Check your Existing Requests” tab.

You’ll either see a “Waiting for your reply” or “Ticket being processed” message.

If you received a “Waiting for your reply,” check your inbox immediately as they don’t copy what their response is on this page. If it says your ticket is being processed, it either means they haven’t read it yet, or are still investigating.

4. Reply back to their Response

This was my response:

Twitter Appeal Reply

5. Wait for their Reply (Again)

It took them another day to respond back to me

Twitter Final Reply

I didn’t realize that Twitter support reps had nicknames, so I was skeptical. But when I logged into my account, I did see that the suspension was lifted.

It took 2 hours for the follower and following numbers to return back to normal so there’s no need to re-follow.

It was very frustrating to wait around but at least we know that it was a mistake on their part.

If you haven’t been suspended before, take care to:

- Not follow other people aggressively (It maxes out at 2,000 per day, but just take heed in not spamming the follow button)

- Double-check what apps have access to your account and revoke unnecessary ones

- Have a strong password

Other Twitter members I’ve asked said it took 5 days to get their account back (ours took 2.5 days) so I believe the time varies depending on the severity.

Have you had your Twitter account suspended before? How long did it take to get it back?

We hope this guide was helpful! Remember to not panic and stay calm when responding back to their tickets.

Also, I've made a separate post answering some of the questions and comments I've received below in more detail here: Help! Twitter Suspended Me - Q & A Edition


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photo credit: lecates via photopin cc

268 Comments To "Twitter Suspended You? Here's How to Restore Your Account"
A_Queen_Fan - 10/07/2013

I had 3 suspensions in 6 wk . This last for 2 mos. + I was only following rob Delaney cuz the 2nd time I had several followers ( whom I didn't follow back ) unfollow me . The reason is unknown + I no longer care but I need it restored to delete it as I'm happy on.Facebook now . Twitter Support has not been helpful . I have a strong password (written cuz memory bad) and have broken no rules . We tried to transfer to desktop before suspension but my kid wasn't sure how and was unsuccessful. Please help . I've lost interest in twitter but want to transfer to delete-can't delete from tablet .
Shashwat Chamoli - 10/01/2013

hi i am fill up my form sitt my accout will not unsuspended what will i do now plz help me.
Kim Harold Viste - 09/30/2013

My twitter @ItsKim_Viste is still suspended for two days and I dont know why, I already have about 17.8K followers and just followed all that you said above. Huhu. :( Please help me.
@Misslories - 09/30/2013

Hi I cant recover it. Please help me :(
Alice Ly - Lucrazon - 09/24/2013

Hi Venie - Do you have multiple email accounts? Could it be that another email is associated with your twitter? Try this page to and see if it helps answer your question:
Venie - 09/24/2013

Hello. My account can not recognize the email address or the twitter can not recognize my email ad. Either of the two. Now, the twitter is requesting me to reset my password, I can't reset it because my email didn't receive any mails from twitter saying password reset or so on. Huhuhu how can i ever retrieve my account if they don't recognize my email. Pleaase help me :(((
Alice Ly - Lucrazon - 09/23/2013

Hi Helen and Kervin - The email field is grayed out because it's automatically filled in with the email your suspended account is associated with. You don't need to edit this section. Hope that helps!
Alice Ly - Lucrazon - 09/23/2013

Hi Juggy- You'll need to follow Twitter's instructions when you log in to your suspended account to start the process. As I don't work for Twitter, I won't be able to fix your account. Thank you!
kervin suarez - 09/23/2013

i can't fill up the email.
Helen Smith - 09/23/2013

My account was suspended but can't fill in the email on the ticket form, What do i do

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