Improved Reporting Now Available in Brand Partner Back Office


Hello Brand Partners! 

When you log into your Brand Partner Back Office, you should be seeing improved reporting that the Lucrazon development team has been diligently working on, to provide everyone with detailed and up-to-date numbers! If you don't see this when you log in, please contact our Customer Support at (888) 992-8989 from Monday through Friday 7 AM - 7 PM Pacific or Saturday from 7 AM - 4 PM Pacific and our Representatives will assist you.

Once you log in and select the Brand Partner Overview page, you'll see a page along the lines of this (Your numbers will differ in your own Back Office):

Lucrazon Brand Partner Reporting Sample

The color legend in the Statistics area reflect the order of the Lucrazon Global Compensation Plan:

- Merchant Processing Revenue
- 20% Direct Sales Revenue
- 10% Coded Bonus (3% Historical)
- 6% Multi-Channel
- 10% Daily Marketing Bonus
- Lifetime Residual Income
- Adjustments

By mousing over the different bars, you'll be able to see how much money was earned or adjusted. You can then click on the different tabs to see Years, Months, Weeks, or Days.

Activity Status will show you the exact numbers and statuses of each action. Clicking on each of the colored sections will take you to their respective locations for more details.

We encourage Brand Partners to log into their Back Office daily to review and take care of any action items or placements that must be done!

**Newly activated Brand Partners should be PLACED in your organization within 72 hours to ensure that you get paid and proper commission payments can be made to the organization per Brand Partner Agreement.**

Earnings Overview will show you numbers from the start of your business to present year-to-date numbers for each category. This is an excellent at-a-glance-view of your total numbers.

The next improved reporting section is the Income page.

You'll noticed that it's streamlined and separated into Actualized Income and Pending Income areas.

Now what do they mean?

Actualized Income means calculated income from customers for products or services. (Total possible income).

Pending Income means income that haven't posted to your account yet due to various reasons including: Chargebacks, Cancellations, Bank Adjustments, Customer errors etc. which can adjust the amounts and dates listed.

By clicking on the side arrows of each date, you can "drill-down" and see what each credit or debit is for. We didn't show it here, but in your own Income reporting, it will also show the exact Names that you're getting Lifetime Residual Income from. 

**If there's any issues (like Chargebacks), you will be able to see WHO charged back on you in the Pending Income section. Then you can pick up the phone and contact that person to resolve any potential downline issues!

Lucrazon Brand Partner Income Page Reporting Sample

Certain types of income activity will appear in your Back Office on a daily basis, while others will appear weekly or monthly, in direct compliance with the Lucrazon Global Compensation Plan. As you become familiar with the various types of reported income and functionality of each individual reporting structure, you will be able to effectively manage your organization and financial decisions regarding your Brand Partner Business!

Lucrazon is dedicated to giving our Brand Partners the power to be able to run their businesses efficiently and effectively and we thank you for your support, as we continue to grow and roll out more exciting updates and news in the coming weeks! 


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2 Comments To "Improved Reporting Now Available in Brand Partner Back Office"
Alice Ly - Lucrazon - 08/20/2014

Thank you for the comment and positive feedback Terra! We will be releasing the Quick Start Guide very soon and then the schedule of training events! Cheers!
TerraMerchantSevices - 08/20/2014

Great improvements! I would like to see more training and education for Brand Partners just starting out in the industry. You guys are terrific! You can do it!

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