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What does it REALLY take to Start an Online Business?

If you’ve gone through this road before, you’re aware of all the obstacles you need to face in order to establish a business. However, if you’re new, it can be daunting, frustrating, and time-consuming.

To make it easier to understand, we’ve illustrated what it takes to start an online business in present standards.

What it takes to start an Online Business

You’ll notice that you’ll need to deal with 4 and/or more companies to get your business running (Website Design and Development, Payment Gateway, Shopping Cart, Merchant Services, Payment Processor, Inventory!) and with the amount of people trying to open their own business; it won’t be a fast process!

In fact, it could take many months.

Is there an Easier Way to Start a Business?

The answer is: Yes. And the solution is Lucrazon.

Every step you saw in the previous graphic is conveniently and efficiently integrated into one system for you here at Lucrazon.

What You Get with Lucrazon

What You Get with Lucrazon

With Lucrazon, you get:

Site Builder – Lucrazon’s core Site Builder allows customers to build and manage their own websites.

Content Management System – Manage the content on your site anytime. No developer needed!

Website - Build your own website within minutes, and have your own URL to promote! There will be no subdomains as the website is truly under your brand and control.

Merchant Account – Lucrazon is a registered ISP/MSP so your Merchant Account is activated in real-time so you can start accepting payments same day* instead of weeks!
* Merchant Accounts are subject to approval

Shopping Cart – A necessity for any Ecommerce business. Our Payment Gateway ensures that your customers’ information is safe and secure.

Product Inventory – You will have access to Drop Shippers and Suppliers that can provide inventory to sell. Your customers can start a business of their choice, selling pre-loaded products without worrying about storage space or shipping logistics!

PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance – Lucrazon is a Payment Gateway with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Level 1, the highest level of compliance available. Quarterly checks are performed to ensure yours and customers’ information is at the utmost level of security. Lucrazon’s main data center is co-located in a Tier IV facility in Las Vegas ensuring site uptime of 99.9%.

It's Simple and Easy
to Start Your Own Business with Lucrazon

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Don't waste months starting your business. Start your business in minutes with Lucrazon!


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