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Although virtual currency enjoyed a boost in popularity in 2013 and early 2014, bitcoin has been missing from news headlines recently. Yet, the number of mainstream merchants that accept cryptocurrency continues to expand, and you will see in the overview below. 1. PayPal -- While virtual currency is not completely integrated into PayPal and eBay, PayPal recently reported its collaboration with bitcoin processors, which will give merchants the capacity to accept such payments through the ..
World Wide Web Turns 25 Today
25 years ago on March 12, 1989, British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web (W3), "a universal linked information system." With a web browser, anyone can view web pages, multimedia content, and navigate between via hyperlinks. It's hard to imagine doing business now without having a business website, in addition to everyday activities like banking, research, networking etc. People rely on the World Wide Web for everything! Now, Sir Berners-Lee, knighted in 2004 ..
What Does Hummingbird Mean for Me?
You might have heard this little bird’s name being talked about within the past two weeks. Hummingbird is Google’s latest algorithm to grace the Internet after previous animal-named updates like Panda and Penguin. Why is it named Hummingbird? The reasoning is because it’s “precise and fast.” In actuality, Google rolled this Hummingbird update quietly on August 30, 2013 but didn’t announce the change until September 26; a month after! Most companies didn’t feel a major change like previous..
Are you Prepared for Data Disaster?
How prepared is your business if your data is compromised by natural disasters and/or human error? Data such as billing records, customer files, emails, tax and company information could disappear in an unfortunate and uncontrollable situation!  Carbonite, the leading provider of cloud solutions, has a great checklist to follow! 1. Develop a written plan  - Include emergency contact info - Keep a copy offsite - Share your plan with employees, vendors, and other crit..
3 More Domain Name Tips for Your Business
Three months ago, we discussed 5 tips on choosing a domain name for your business. After all, if you don't have a website, you don't exist in a customer's eyes and you definitely won't exist from a search engine's point of view. To briefly summarize the 5 tips they are : 1. Make it easy to remember : So that visitors can come back easily. 2. Don't use hyphens : Gives first impression of spamminess 3. Keep it open for future expansions : Keep URL expandable in nature and save yours..
Converting Your Website? Preserve URLs for SEO Traffic
Inspired by this blog post on Practical Ecommerce, we can’t stress how important it is to preserve the main URLs of your website when updating or changing to a different platform. It’s inevitable that some URLs may need to be changed (either the content of the page changes, get consolidated into another page, or removed) but for your high-traffic URLs, it’s important to keep the structure the same. After all, search engines by now know the structure of your site (via your sitemap) and..
40% of the Internet Goes Down when Google Crashes
Google experienced what may have been an unprecedented outage last Friday, at 4:52 PM Pacific Time where all Google services including Search, Gmail, and YouTube were down completely for 2-5 minutes. Although brief, it was a serious outage, as the Google Apps Dashboard (their performance information page) showed all services had simultaneously gone down. According to GoSquared, an Internet analytics company, the worldwide web traffic dropped 40% when Google services went down. 40%! Th..
The Best Web Builder for your Ecommerce Business
Starting and managing an Ecommerce business can be challenging but rewarding. With the popularity of buying and selling online, you’re going to need the best web builder possible! Web builders are also called Ecommerce Site Builders or even Ecommerce Solutions. All of these terms will reflect the purpose of starting your online business through a Content Management System (CMS) that you manage and control. In this post, we’ll go over the features a robust CMS driven Web Builder should..
E-preneur: The Growth of Online Entrepreneurship Infographic
Ecommerce is a $200 billion industry in the United States and a $1.2 trillion industry overall in the world. With the explosion of Web 2.0, the growth of online entrepreneurship is on fire! Stats from the infographic below: Out of 7.084 billion people in the world today – 2.4 billion use the Internet regularly Click to Tweet! >1 billion will be active on Facebook in 2013 1.4 billion will use smartphones by year-end U.S. Online Retail Sales will reach $370 billion by 201..
How to Claim Your Blog on Technorati
What do you immediately think of when you hear “search engine?” Google. Then Bing. Possibly Yahoo. Or even But did you know that Technorati is also a search engine? Launched in 2002, it’s a search engine for searching blogs and by 2008, it was already indexing 112.8 million blogs. If you have a blog and haven’t claimed it yet on Technorati, we’re going to show you how. It’s simple, and there’s no reason not to do it since it’ll only benefit your site to be listed in t..

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