Brand Partner Business

Your own Ecommerce Business and Personalized Website with Integrated Site Builder

FREE 1 Year Hosting Included

(Save $)

$ One Time
Setup Fee

billed annually after the first year

  • 1. Understand that this is your own business

    When you activate your business, you will own the Ecommerce system to sell Websites and Merchant Services to local physical and online businesses.

  • 2. Understand your unique product

    There is no other company that offers a fully integrated Ecommerce System that also has the capability to approve Merchant Accounts. All of this will be yours when you activate your Brand Partner business.

  • 3. Understand you have multiple revenue streams

    How you sell your product is your choice. You can focus on Direct sales to local brick-and-mortar and online businesses or add Brand Partner enrollments to increase your income. You earn profits from setup revenue, monthly hosting revenue and residual income.

    Successful Brand Partners utilize all revenue streams to maximize their income earning potential by enrolling Brand Partners while growing their Merchant Account Portfolio! Later they can sell their Merchant Account Portfolio for 6x monthly earnings or more!

  • 4. Understand that you’ll start to own a profitable business just by opening three accounts!

    By activating 3 accounts of any type and in any combination (1 Brand Partner, 1 Brick & Mortar Store, 1 Ecommerce Store, or 3 Brand Partners, etc.), you will have already earned back your initial $1000 setup fee!

  • 5. Compansation Plan

    Download Compensation Plan All Lucrazon Global Brand Partners must have an bitcoin wallet and the ability to accept and pay with Bitcoin.
    With a new and innovative payment technology, Lucrazon Global has the capability to pay commissions next day to all Brand Partners globally via bitcoin cryptocurrency.



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