About Us

Welcome to the Lucrazon Global Business Network!

Lucrazon Global is designed for highly motivated individuals with an interest to become business owners specializing in the world of Ecommerce and Merchant Services. Operating on Lucrazon, Inc. technology, all compliances are under regulation related to Visa, MasterCard, and all other Card Brands.


Lucrazon offers the first fully integrated Ecommerce System with Patent Pending Technology

We have created unique applications that differentiate from competitors:

 - An Ecommerce Multi-Functionality Web Sites with Integrated Shopping Cart, Product Suppliers, Drop Shippers, Payment Gateway and Real Time Merchant Account Activation

- A Website Builder with ability to create Custom or Replicated Websites containing pre-defined content. In addition, each website can have an incorporated site builder with it's own URL (not a subdomain) and individual Merchant Accounts.

- A Centralized Content Management System (CMS) with ability to distribute and update Images, Content, Inventory, Pricing and Blogs to manage networks or groups of independent Websites.

- An Instant Activation of Merchant Accounts for all Individual Websites, as well as websites that are part of Networks or Groups with a single point of entry.

- Automated & secure process of payments and funds distribution to Individuals, Networks or Groups of Website Owners, Product Suppliers, Drop Shippers and Buyers

Modern technology allows us to provide our customers with a variety of flexible and customized solutions that cannot be matched.

Our Mission

To continually achieve 100% client satisfaction in Ecommerce by providing the best service available with the most advanced software and state-of-the-art technology to our national and international clients in the turn-key environment.

Our Vision

To accelerate the advancement of commerce worldwide as a leader in Ecommerce through working with Manufacturers, Drop Shippers, Network Marketing companies, Service Providers, Insurance Agencies and Retail Businesses of all types.

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